Dynamic Information Screen


Dynamic Info Screen  v.11.2.7

Create an info display on a PC showing scenes made of media objects assembled in different layouts. Objects include a slide show, media player, three forms of rss/text feed, flash content, web/html page, tv tuner, live camera and static text label.

Demorize Digital Signage  v.2.4.1

Demorize is a feature rich out-of-the-box software for creation and display of Digital Signage. The software allows you to create vibrant and effective information screens that automatically update themselves with the latest available information.


PIA-InfoView  v.1.0

InfoView is a dynamic information delivery system. Using a full screen browser window, it can deliver feature rich advertising to customers by displaying a variety of URLs in a time-based carousel.

Ripple  v.

The app is designed for people who attend sports events (London 2012) as well as follow them around the world. A simple shake of the phone gives access to all part of the application. We cover all kinds of dynamic information related to Olympics and

Webnavigator  v.0.1.2

The project Navigator aims at supporting automated gathering of dynamic information from third party web sites, using their web interface to post queries and to gather replies.

Arbortext  v.5 2

Whether you're supporting a product through a call center, a field service organization, a web-based training program, or a fleet of equipment operators, you need to deliver 100% accurate technical information to your business organizations so they c

FileCompare  v.1.1.0

FileCompare compares two files and tells you if they are the same or different. If you are in Windows Explorer just select the file and right click and use the "Send To" and then select "File Compare" as shown here:

Bencao: Chinese Herbal Medicine (TCM)  v.

The definitive tool for Chinese Medicine herbalists, BenCao contains detailed information on all the commonly used herbs and classic formulas, utilizing a unique layout that is built with the clinician in mind. Ben Cao (pronounced Ben Tsao) is

LabelJoy 5.0.0 Build  v.300

Create and print labels and barcodes Labeljoy is a software engineered to create and print labels for folders, badges, cards, letters and anything else that needs to be fully or partially replicated and printed.


tmsINTRANET is a web-based application that facilitates communication, business processes and collaboration among employees and partners from different geographic locations. It is easy to use Takes only minutes to implement

Jewel Quest Solitaire  v.2 72

'Jewel Quest Solitaire' game is a cards game to play alone, as you sure guess from its name, but it's different from others games alike since it has an story on which the game develops.

SpongeBob Diner Dash 2: Two Times the  v.3 2

The 'SpongeBob Diner Dash' game is created after this well know cartoons character, SpongeBob. The 'diner dash' part of the game title, let's you know that the game is related to the food business.

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